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    Eleazar Carbajal knows what hard work is.

    He’s strived nearly his whole life to create a better one for his family. When he was just 10 years old living in Mexico City, he became an apprentice to a local welder to earn money to help his family.

    But his apprenticeship taught him more than just a way to make money. His first solo project—fabricating a window—sold for 150 pesos. When his mentor turned and gave him the money, he said, “This is yours. You earned it.” In that moment, while he appreciated the money, Eleazar realized that it was more than that. He loved turning a pile of steel into something that people admired.

    Four years later—when Eleazar was just 14 years old—he started his own small welding shop in Mexico City. By the age of 20, he moved to the U.S., bringing his work ethic with him.

    Now, almost 30 years later, Eleazar owns his own company, EMV Welding, in Aurora, Illinois. It’s a dream he’s realized through a lot of sweat and long hours. With roughly 40 years of welding experience, he still has the same love of making steel into something to admire. And he still has the same dedication to his family, as the company name reflects: E (Eleazar), M (his wife, Marisol), and V (his daughter, Veronica) Welding.

    For Eleazar, EMV Welding is much more than a way for him to earn money. EMV Welding is a way to build a legacy by continuing to create admirable work.